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Who we are...

I started Fantasy Animation back in 1991 when I realized I couldn't afford all the great animation art that I liked. So, I started to go to all the Animation shows and got to know the dealers and studios and started selling to support my "Art" habit.

I worked with Carl Macik (Streamline Pictures in LA) and over the course of the past 10 plus years purchased tons of animation art from his studio and others. Titles like Heavy Metal, Guyver, and Akira. At one point I was the largest HM dealer in the country.

I have participated in cel programs for Paramount and other top studios with productions like Cool World, Sonic, Guyver, Moebius (Internal Transfer) and even the Swan Princess!

I closed up shop a while ago when e-bay became popular, but things have stabilized now and I'm back... Rising from the ashes as it were.

I will have color copy backgrounds to match most cels, so just ask. In fact I do sell just the color copies in case you need one for just 5 dollars each plus shipping (min 4 per order).

Thanks for stopping by!


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