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Fantasy Animation

Animation with Attitude - We sell all types of animation art from great productions like: Heavy Metal, Cool World, and Anime (Akira, Guyver, La Blue Girl etc.). The mystical Internal Transfer by Moebius makes an appearance as well.  We have some classical art from Disney, WB and specials like Gumby!  I have many other pieces than you see here, so send me an e-mail (see below) if you don't see what you are looking for.

In the Spotlight -
In the years since its 1981 release, HEAVY METAL reigns as an undisputed cult favorite.  Its staggering visuals, featuring surreal animation and pushing-the-envelope eroticism, project an alternative reality that bombasts against the gestalt of "heavy metal" classics.
With its provocative animation sequences, HEAVY METAL pioneered the introduction in the west of what has come to be known as "Japanimation": an innovative, imaginative style, beyond erotica to erotica and always staggeringly beautiful.
Arzach, of the warrior class

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